Practices for Radiance & Resilience

Videography by Mike Stacey

Tropical Plant
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From the lush Peruvian Amazon to the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, my life was infused with the spirit of the jungle from the very beginning.  I experienced yoga, dance, creativity, and earth-centered living from a young age, and studied various movement arts and wisdom traditions.

Over the years, I would always pursue an unconventional path; opting out of college to focus instead on herbal medicine, plant spirit shamanism, food sovereignty, and organic farming.  I rejoiced in working with the earth, learning biodynamic techniques, studying permaculture and building gardens.  After a dance-related injury, I discovered yoga for a second time and was immediately fascinated with exploring its healing powers.  Working with the earth and working with the body felt intrinsically connected.  

At 20, I discovered the world of fine art nude modeling, specifically the environmental niche.  This particular genre allowed me to explore nature in a meditative way, to experience myself as an artist, as well as the art itself.  I felt free.  Studying yoga, meditation, and ecstatic dance brought an even greater freedom.

I get the sense that, with practice, we each have the ability to go beyond our troubled egoic mind and experience the truth of who we are.  We can learn to be in harmony with our nature rather than fighting it.  My work is dedicated to cultivating this harmony, in mind, body, spirit, and on earth.


Pete Huisenga

Misty Slopes