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I began exploring yoga when I was 19, after injuring my knee while dancing.  I was terrified to attend my first class in a studio.  I think some people are just born confident in those kinds of situations, but I was not.

Profusely sweating and visibly shaking, I survived what was probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life at that time.  Given that I still had my knee injury, I resolved to keep going.  Within 30 days, I noticed significant improvements, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I had always loved freedom of movement, and now yoga gave me the structure and strength to move even more freely.

11 years later, yoga has become my passion.  I have studied with renowned teachers across the U.S., as well as in India, Australia, and Europe.  Over the years I've realized that, no matter what I'm dealing with, whether it's physical injury, anxiety, grief, or even a global pandemic, the practice and study of yoga has given me the tools to handle anything.

I am honored to offer this practice to students from all walks of life.

My classes weave indigenous intuition with eastern wisdom traditions and mindful movement with soulful music, to awaken the true freedom nature within.  I draw influence from a diverse lineage spanning numerous continents and disciplinary studies, including various styles of music and dance, Vipassana meditation, and ecological design.

Formal Trainings Include:

300-hour Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin YA Certification at World Peace Yoga

200-hour Kundalini KRI Certification at Golden Bridge Yoga

As a lifelong student, I continue to study and deepen my ability to serve your needs.

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Tropical Leaves

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Restorative Kundalini

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