Olympic Peninsula (new modeling works!)

Updated: Oct 24

It had been almost a year since I had the time to devote to modeling, and this trip was so special. Forest bathing, mossy beds, gorgeous moody weather on the lakes, lots of laughter and good conversation in between. I am grateful to all of my creative collaborators and for the opportunity to be nude in nature... especially after so much time spent indoors hitting the books.

Many have reached out to see if I'm ok because I'm not really on social media anymore. The truth is I've never been better! I've been so busy with school, teaching yoga, volunteering on an amazing farm that feeds our houseless and low-income communities... my life has drastically changed. And while I occasionally reminisce about my great adventures traveling the world, I have never felt so content and fulfilled in my life. I'm continuously amazed at the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and I'm thrilled with the new direction my life is taking.

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